Development prospect of ceramic substrates


With the development of the society, the progress of industry, the progress of the technology of the development of PCB industry is getting better and better, exquisite process performance is also more and more advanced. Both hard and soft board or combination of hard and soft version, or has the best heat dissipation performance ceramic substrate, is telling us that innovation is limitless!

For now, about the ceramic substrates is mature of alumina ceramic PCB circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic, many companies can do such as 3535, 5050, 7070, r&f day sheng science and technology (wuhan) co., LTD., can accept customized, whatever the specification can be made, but must meet the line spacing is greater than 20 microns, the more fully automated production, without too much manpower, also avoid a lot of errors in the process.
Such a sunrise enterprise attaches great importance to the scientific research technology and user experience, not only for employees to provide corresponding guarantee, also brings customers a more comprehensive, more mature experience, for the possible problem such as copper loss and air bubbles, splashing meriton technology is quite mature, general circuit board industry requirements are binding force can reach 18-30 million mpa, and fall off because the bonding strength is not enough, the bonding strength of our product is 45000000 mpa, namely thrust values and strain values are 45000000 mpa, and therefore will not fall off after welding. Especially with LAM, laser activation technology, the thickness of the copper clad can according to customer demand for 0.001 1 mm, usually copper clad 0.03 mm, error in + / - 0.005 mm, the late copper conductive won't burn out. This product is mainly exist in the high heat dissipation products need, general aviation, automotive electronics, lighting, high power electronic components, to maximize the product performance.
Our laser rapid activation metallization technology (LAM) ceramic PCB industry in a leading level in the whole world, can be quickly customized production, to meet customer demand. Ceramic funds belong to the substrate with good thermal and electrical properties, is a power type LED encapsulation, excellent material, purple light, ultraviolet (MCM) and is particularly suited to many chip packages substrates such as direct bonding (COB) chip encapsulation structure, but also as other high-power electric power semiconductor module of heat dissipation substrate, large current switch, relay, communications industry, antenna, filter, solar inverter, etc.
Ceramic PCB industry forecast in the intelligent lighting market has a market capitalisation of $6 billion, and at an annual rate of growth of 7% beat most of the "sunrise industry", become the emerging high-tech enterprises, and in the subway, rail transportation, IGBT, which is widely applied new energy vehicles, etc.
Fuli day sheng in today's market prospect, focus on the international first-class quality ceramic substrates, enhance the brand influence, focus on scientific research and development and the high and new technology application, to provide you with timely, intimate, the most valuable services.

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