The 2017 home appliance digital consumer trend research report released - appliances online pressure into young people consumption big head!


With the current quality of life more and more high, people for digital electronic products demand more and more big, every time go home, the home of old people also know that apple, apple, such as, sometimes I will buy a massage chair, give them with lumbar spine massager, older, more and more like a child, the last time back, should have to take a computer to come back, I said that you are not at home now, I can see you on TV.

Although some in distress situation, but my heart still full of moved, no matter how old, my parents always worried about you, take you as a child. So I under the friend's recommendation, bought a strong life, the Internet speed also BuKa notebook. Main or worry about the safety of the electronic products, after all other news came out, samsung, apple, these big brand also can appear safety problems.

After years of working in a ceramic circuit boards of high-tech enterprise, natural to have a deep understanding of electronic products, general circuit board is because the material is unqualified, the poor thermal pressure lead to nonconforming lot, knows, in production line and more nonconforming will deduct wages, nature is turning a blind eye in the past, but who will guarantee safe?

My home use electric equipment, electric light, small to big to large household appliances, are made of that kind of, ceramic PCB products long life, various aspects performance is strong, the most important thing is not afraid of danger, the product passes through very multichannel test procedure, there could not be nonconforming product out of the market. Trouble at home never need not afraid of the old man to change a lightbulb, but each time the guests to feel at home the whole class will be very high, because of the ceramic substrate of high level in appearance, cost-effective, high quality!

Do children the most happy is to see parents face happy, proud smile.

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