New power for automotive electronic development -- ceramic circuit board


With the development of science and technology innovation, automotive electronics has become the most important support foundation of the automotive control system. The car electrification marks the beginning of the automobile industry revolution. With the development of new energy vehicles, unmanned vehicles and vehicle information system technology, the future automotive industry will develop in an intelligent, networked and deep electronic direction. Automotive electronics is expected to take over the consumer electronics become a driving engine of electronic industry and the reproduction of consumer electronics industry chain for the overall pull.

Automotive electronics has many branches, the chassis and engine control direction is biased towards system control, and the energy conversion unit is biased towards switching power supply. For the automotive electronic hardware designers, the most puzzling is that the designed drawings can not be materialized, and the new ideas can not be achieved by the supporting manufacturers. Their requirements for circuit boards are diversified: high performance products coexist with safe and reliable requirements. In the intelligent dashboard, car audio, driving computer application environment requires a lot of circuit board steady; in the engine room, due to the high temperature environment and LED light source cooling requirements, existing resin and metal circuit board substrate does not meet the requirements, better thermal properties of ceramic circuit board, for example Adams Litong ceramic circuit board and the wireless transmission; in high frequency radar detection, strict on dielectric constant, although LTCC, is still unable to meet their demands, the need for a better performance of the upgrading of products, ceramic circuit board suggests using decimating Tiansheng; for automobile demand especially developed the product (such as IC board and soft board, silver through hole etc.), also to the fine, integrated direction.

Driven by the new technology, the automotive electronics industry ushered in a new round of technological revolution, the overall upgrading of the industry. Driven by a large number of electronic vehicles, the automotive circuit board will grow up. Car circuit board stability orders and high margin interest attracted many ceramic circuit board practitioners concerned about the new blue ocean market. Due to the use of the car was in high speed under the harsh environment, the ceramic circuit board in temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti electromagnetic wave and seismic requirements on more than the traditional circuit board, thus ensuring the quality of auto parts and driving and guarantee the safety of passengers is the most important issue of all car factory.

Decimating Skywin Technology (Wuhan) Limited company general manager Wang said: "the component suppliers can provide quality assurance of long-term stable than can provide cheap price of the product is more important, and vehicle manufacturers for the product validation period often up to three years, we have enough patience and strength to enter the automotive electronics supply chain."

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