High and new technology achievement created in China


In recent months, brands of mobile phones have been listed. OPPO R9s grass green, HUAWEI P10, Meizu Charm Blue E2, millet 6, too busy to attend to all. Many times before the accurate sent Apple's new insider Guo Mingchi has revealed that the iPhone 8 most people look forward to, the 3D sensor is the most heavy function is the front lens with, it not only supports AR augmented reality technology, and the camera can also complete the verification, face recognition.

High and new technology applications will bring more sales to electronic products, which will surely give domestic mobile phones a heavy blow. And domestic mobile phone and how to transition, must be a problem that we must overcome now. Qualcomm Corp global president Derek ABERLE, in conjunction with an example of Qualcomm Corp, talked about the opportunities and challenges faced by Asian countries' innovation driven economy in the new international economic situation.

Recently, at the Boao forum for Asia in 2017. Derek ABERLE said: "the communications industry has stepped up efforts in the mobile industry, there is a lot of innovation, in recent years, our electronic equipment in daily life has played a great change.". But this is only a start, until we arrived at a critical node, the world now almost every industry in transition, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data in these areas, there are a large number of new technology is just unfolding promote the transformation, it will be able to let Asian economies including China more innovation to drive the development of the huge opportunities of technology products market opportunity is coming. A transformation of the technology should be strengthened to be respected, this is a new era, in this new era, will see the market trend, innovative company will win, but there are also many new companies to seize this opportunity to join the ranks of high technology to upgrade their products as duty"

For the protection of intellectual property rights he also pointed out that "it's nice to see Chinese to introduce more policies to protect intellectual property rights, which not only has great benefits for existing companies, for emerging companies more great benefits, more emphasis on R & D, patented technology will further drive the success of China."

What China wants to do now is to make China's road into china. Not a bunch of people who have proprietary technology but can't upgrade their products. As a member of China, a company that makes high-tech products should take scientific and technological innovation as the primary goal, and the "Chinese manufacturing" is the latest one.

Therefore, high-tech is the future of this social development, so our company is in the forefront of high-tech products, the ceramic circuit board in our side, the importance of the product to everyone. Let China have its own creation that belongs to china.

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